Very dear you,

For more than two years, we have explored a field of urban performance around the slowing of the flow. We called that, the Immobiles.
The principle was simple. We stopped in the heart of the city at 20, 50, 200 for 10 minutes, 30, an hour.
Their was an entire protocol to put this in place, but you don't need all details.

But before the performance started, we liked to say a few words to the participants, which you will find in the attached images.
For two years, with this principle, we have plowed up a whole bunch of spaces and over time, drawn some conclusions:

The immobile begins with a phase of restlessness, because even if the body stops, the head runs at full capacity, still at the old pace, and also a little worried about a totally unusual situation. So much so that a basic instinct makes him think: not normal = danger.

Then it settles, the body relaxes, there is less need to stamp, attention is tightened. You then enter a phase where each second becomes thicker. Or is absolutely volatile. Where an hour seems to you a minute. And the next minute seems to be an hour.

In phase three, you realize that you are not alone, immobile, you feel something that connects you to others, you are one body, a plural body, a singular community.

In this case, today, this community is nothing more or less than our singular human assembly gathered on this tiny planet.

At the end of the performance, the participants, overwhelmed by what they had just experienced, often told us that they would never look at the city again as before.

I wish you a nice week.