Production 2018

Keep still.
Allow yourself to pause, taste the urban landscape.
And feel the full force of the city across your face.
Becoming actors in a transformation of the urban mood.

Les Immobiles
proposes a very simple and yet problematic posture as it is ill-considered on a social level : to remain still and unmoving in a public space : collectively allowing ourselves this suspended moment, tasting what surrounds us, through a progressive acuity of the senses, letting the city hit you full on.
Les Immobiles stops in the city, exiting the fow, recovering the power of wonderment for the human being as he is, asserting its presence in “public” space, where it is still seen as suspicious to remain still.
Les Immobiles summon themselves, conjuring imagination at the heart of the city. A singular, yet plural, imagination. Imagination: an elegant thing for shifting one’s apprehension of the world and for initiating its transformation.  

Creative Team

Artistic Direction  : Stéphane Bonnard
Writing support : Stéphane Bonnard, Marie Fortuit
Immobility support : Géraldine Berger, Emilie Szikora
Graphic Design : Doriane Roche, Jérôme Coffy
Sound creation : Mathieu Monnot,Raphaël Parseihian
Sound developer : Jérôme Champlet
Digital developer : Thomas Bohl, Olivier Radisson, Felix Détrez
Setting and model maker : Vincent Guillermin
Technical director : Gilles Gallet
Technical management : Timothée Ritlewski

Residencies, coproductions and partners

L’Usine – National centre for street arts and public space – Tournefeuille / Toulouse Métropole
Les Ateliers Frappaz - National centre for street arts and public space – Villeurbanne
Cirque Jules Verne, Circus and Sreet art center - Amiens
Lieux Publics, National centre for street arts and public space – Marseille
L’Atelier 231, National centre for street arts and public space – Sotteville-Lès-Rouen

Funding for production residencies
Ministry of Culture and Communication – DGCA


13 October / Paris, Les Halles area / Art'R ‐ Lieu de Fabrique Itinérant pour les arts de la rue
6 July / Pantin / Biennale Urbaine de Spectacles
16 June / Amiens / Festival La Rue est à Amiens (Première)
1st June / Villeurbanne / in collaboration with Les Ateliers Frappaz (Preview showing)

Presentation pack