We will talk about origins, throughout this journey in images, lights and sounds.
Family origins that we will glean over the meetings and interviews.
Historical origins, or how La Rochelle was built, in its relationship to the sea, to the African continent as well.
Species origins, since human species emerged from the ocean. 250 million years ago we were sponges, and that's probably why we like to salt.

We will create a stroll through dreamlike, graphic and sound paintings.
Great witnesses will appear to inform, and shed another light on these three concepts.
Inhabitants’ words, emphasized or polyphonic. Like a choir made up of images filmed over the days.

Using a plaice, a fishermen place recreate specifiquely for the event, the team of KompleX KapharnaüM will meet the inhabitants and create a show that will perform in the city center of La Rochelle, as part of Escales, a documentary film festival, in partnership with the CNAREP Sur Le Pont.

First planed in November 2020, we had to reschedule the event in 2021.