During this latest Hide&See(k) residence, we focused on the plastic and acoustic form of the project.
In this search for subtraction rather than superposition, intentions were confirmed and the strong artistic lines emerged.

The photo medium seems to be establishing itself as our visual documentary base: interior and exterior landscapes of a neighbourhood, intimate portraits of its inhabitants and their daily lives.

Fixed images that are meant to be “brought back to life": digital or manual clippings, drawings, writings, collages, erasures, stop-motion, bench-titles... Black and white images as a backdrop for an accumulation of digital diversions and increasingly colourful graphic materials.

The other documentary pillar, perhaps even the main one, will be the sound medium: testimonies, atmospheres, conversations...
The soundtrack of a neighbourhood, alternating an exhaustive or minimized diffusion in order to provoke different listening qualities: sometimes radio-like, sometimes cinematographic.

Finally, we have also drafted a protocol for capturing documentary materials.
There are still many questions on this point because it will be decisive for the quality of the meeting we wish to establish with the inhabitants.
We intend to test it in situ during the next residency in Mulhouse, from May 6 to 10.