Is this a sensation unique to KompleX KapharnaüM? No, I don't think so.

The feeling that arts in public space, caught up in the gloom of the environment, are struggling to find a second breath after their smashing arrival in the field of performing arts, draw their perpetuation from the CNAREP.
The feeling appears that audacity and the infinite, revolutionary field of possibilities offered by urban art in terms of aesthetics and the public's relationship to an art work are no longer appropriate.
Is it a financial problem? Or simply not the best era? A political injunction to amuse just the right people above all? Or a problem of security, countermeasures, perimeter, Heras barriers or ram trucks?

We will have the opportunity to discuss all this during the RIDA that we are hosting on May 22nd!
That is where we hope to meet also professionals from other genres, alongside the structures for art in public space, since this sensation is not limited to the urban arts sector alone.

… Have you heard of this company, hosted by a large institution which offers low-cost sessions, during the day, even before the "real performance" and at a discount price, where extracts are presented, bit by bit... Fill in every time gap at any price.
…There is this company that, on the evening of its premiere, meets a programmer who says she is delighted and asks to have the exclusivity of the premiere... of the next show. Thirst for novelty....

There are many examples, something is happening, it is not new… How to face current events? Offensive?