Production 2019

Proposing a sensitive and intimate portrait.
Freeing one’s perception from representations imposed by the digital.
Preferring to listen to the present and living voices which sit behind the walls, rather than a standardized, disguised, intimacy projected into the public sphere by social networks,
Exploring a city which is tangible and human, as opposed to a networked city represented by the web.

Looking through the cracks to find the different presences which live there.
Revealing the infra-ordinary,
questioning the usual, founding our own anthropology.
Seeing what is happening within these interstices.
Then, imagining a new form of listening, showing through the removal of, rather than a layering of, images.

Creating moments of fragility, leaving the public alone, finding it again.
Using the void, the silence to describe the street.
Taking part in a game of hide and seek in order to show.


3 or 4, 30 minute sets per evening
5 mobile video projectionists with portable sound equipment
1 composer with his or her telephone
1 video technician
A range of 100 to 180 people per set

Creative process

Prefigurations :
February 2017, Fêtes des lumières, Schaerbeek, Belgium
9 - 11 August 2018, Plage des 6 pompes, La Chaux de Fond, Switzerland
6 October 2018, Nuit Blanche, Brussels, Belgium

Review on the residency of February 2019 : Base camp Kxkm
6-11 May 2019 : Mulhouse

First diffusions (current)

15 June 2019, Bien Urbain Festival, Besançon - preview
See more : https://kxkm.net/en/actualites/hideseek-avant-premiere-internationale-a-bien-urbain-76
21 & 22 June 2019, Flurstücke Festival, Münster - international preview
See more : https://kxkm.net/en/actualites/hideseek-avant-premiere-internationale-a-munster-75
18 & 20 July 2019, Scènes de rue, Mulhouse - Premiere
See more : https://kxkm.net/en/actualites/hidesee-premiere-festival-scenes-de-rue-a-mulhouse-81
21, 22 & 23 August 2019, Aurillac Festival
See more : https://kxkm.net/en/actualites/hideseek-festival-daurillac-82

Partners and coproductions


Creative team

Artistic Direction: Pierre Duforeau
Video operator and creation: Nicolas Thiry
Sound creation: Mathieu Monnot
Video creation: Vincent Muteau, Julien Pénichost
Graphic Design and Texts: Manu Berk
Technical assistance, video: Bax Bourbon
Mediation and collection of materials: Clément Rossi
Production/Distribution : Marion Gatier and Floriane Rigaud

Hide&See(k) : final trailer

Hide&See(k) - trailer 2/3

Hide&See(k) - trailer 1/3